Project MegaMIMO: Scaling Wireless Capacity with User Demands

Wireless spectrum is a limited and shared resource, which means that the more users there are, the less each user gets. With the explosion of mobile devices, this fundamental limitation is causing a wireless capacity crunch. MegaMIMO alleviates this crunch: it guarantees each user the same chunk of resources, regardless of the number of users in the network. It presents a new algorithm that synchronizes multiple access points to emulate one large MIMO transmitter. MegaMIMO demonstrates a large 10x gain in network throughput with existing client devices.


  • MegaMIMO: Scaling Wireless Capacity with User Demands, Hariharan Rahul, Swarun Kumar, and Dina Katabi, ACM SIGCOMM 2012 (CACM Research Highlight) [PAPER]