Project OwLL: Accurate LoRa Localization using the TV Whitespaces

OwLL is a LoRa localization system that limits location tracking error to a few meters with commodity LoRa clients in a wide-area network. Our key innovation is the development of a distributed base station network made of individually low-cost components that together span a wide-bandwidth that encompasses the TV whitespaces and offers high aperture, crucial to localization accuracy. We demonstrate how this network can aggregate signal measurements made across multiple different narrowband channels of a LoRa client to triangulate it at fine accuracy. We implement and evaluate OwLL on a testbed spanning the Carnegie Mellon campus.


  • OwLL: Accurate LoRa Localization using the TV Whitespaces, Atul Bansal, Akshay Gadre, Vaibhav Singh, Anthony Rowe, Bob Iannucci and Swarun Kumar, IPSN 2021 [PAPER]