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The WiTech Lab seeks to develop and apply nascent wireless technologies, both passive and active, to improve daily life.

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Our lab is located on the 4th floor of the Collaborative Innovation Center on the CMU campus. Professor Swarun Kumar, the PI, has his contact information listed here.


  • (4/21) Swarun receives the 2021 ACM SIGBED Early Career Researcher Award.
  • (4/21) Two papers accepted at IPSN 2021 on LoRa localization and NFC Textiles
  • (2/21) Vaibhav Singh wins the James Sprague Presidential Fellowship from CIT!
  • (1/21) Two papers accepted at MobiCom 2021 on mm-wave backscatter and cubesat groundstations
  • (11/20) Read our perspective on full-duplex at HotNets 2020
  • (10/20) CharIoT accepted at IEEE TMC 2020
  • (9/20) RFTattoo wins Best Wearables Long Paper at UbiComp 2020!
  • (9/20) Haojian Jin wins UbiComp Gaetano Borriello Outstanding Student Award!
  • (8/20) Two papers at MobiCom 2020: mm-wave Full Duplex and Joltik!
  • (6/20) Osprey wins Best Paper Honorable Mention and Best Demo at MobiSys 2020
  • (4/20) QuAiL wins Best Paper Award at IPSN 2020 - explores new ways to rapidly track wildfires
  • (4/20) Akshay Gadre receives the Best Presentation Award at IPSN 2020 PhD forum
  • (4/20) Two new papers: Osprey and OPR accepted at MobiSys 2020
  • (2/20) Jingxian Wang receives the Microsoft Ph.D. Fellowship
  • (1/20) Swarun receives the NSF CAREER award
  • (1/20) Our work on mm-Wave Full Duplex is accepted at MobiCom 2020
  • (11/19) Check out Swarun's talk on future wireless at TEDxPittsburgh
  • (11/19) RFTattoo is accepted at UBICOMP 2020
  • (10/19) Our work on low-power WANs was accepted at NSDI 2020
  • (10/19) Check out our smart materials paper at ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces
  • (09/19) Sozu is accepted at UIST 2019
  • (08/19) Check out our papers on software-defined cooking and material sensing at MobiCom 2019
  • (02/19) PushID presented at NSDI '19.

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